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Getting Started

You’ve already taken the first step and signed up, you are almost there. There are few more steps to get started and this guide is here to walk you through them, step-by-step.

If you need to find this page again, it is in the "My Profile" sub menu, under "Getting Started".

  1. This is the most important part. It’s time to complete your profile forms to tell other users about yourself and what you are looking for as an Intended Parent or about the embryos you would like to donate as an Intended Donor. From the Profile page, make sure you are on the Profile sub menu and click on Edit. This should bring up the remaining forms to be completed for you to complete your profile. Fill out what you can, you can always return with more details later if you need to. Please be as accurate as possible, if you have any questions or uncertainty about embryo specific terms, testing types, or adoption types be sure to fill check out the FAQ’s at the bottom of the CONTACT US page, and if you can’t find your answer there, you can email us at help@snowflakebaby.com. Donors should see three forms titled: Donor Profile – Maternal, Donor Profile – Paternal, and Embryo Profile, Recipients should see three forms titled:  Recipient Profile – Parent 1, Recipient Profile – Parent 2, and Embryo Wishlist. If there is only one intended adopting parent, leave Recipient Profile – Parent 2 blank. Remember, the more accurate and complete your profile is, the quicker and more likely you will find the right match.

  2. Now that you’ve finished your profile, it’s time to add your profile image.  If you click on My Profile from the Profile sub menu you will have the options to View, Edit, Change Profile Photo or Change Your Cover Photo, you can go ahead and update your profile photo and cover photo now if you ‘d like. You can upload more media images by clicking on the Media menu.

  3. Now that your profile is complete, you have the option to get verified. Verified members will have a little blue shield icon next to their profile and may match faster than non verified members. It does not cost extra to get verified. In order for recipients to get verified you must provide government issued identification (either a passport or drivers license) that matches the recipient profiles. For a donor to receive the verified badge, you must also provide valid government id matching your profile and a copy of your cryo storage receipt. These documents are not shared with site members, they are kept securely and privately for own records only and to indicate to Snowflake Baby members that you have been verified.  Please send all documents for verification as clear images in one of the following file formats: jpg, png or pdf as attachments to getverfied@snowflakebaby.com.

Using This Application

  1. Now you are all set up and ready to go you can click on Search Donors/Search Recipients to find both the Quick Search and Detailed Search Menus. The narrower the search the less options you are likely to find. We recommend starting with a broad search and narrowing your results from there, leaving search fields blank or 'unchecked' will provide return the most results.

  2. Once you have found matches you are interested in, you can send a friend request or a private message from the profile menu. You will also receive email notifications when someone messages you or sends you a friend request.

  3. Most of the menu options are fairly straightforward, all billing, membership type, cancellations, invoices, etc. appear under the Billing menu. Messages can be sent from the messages menu. For any questions that you have that may not be answered here, check the FAQ’s at the bottom of the CONTACT US page. If you cannot find an answer there, email us at help@snowflakebaby.com.

  4. When you have narrowed your selections down to your preferred match, and both parties have agreed to the adoption terms, you can continue with the process offline by making arrangements to proceed with the embryo property transfer. At this stage,we highly advise consulting an attorney or legal representative for your own protection and to comply with any state/provincial laws that may exist in your area, regarding embryo donation.

Wishing you success on your family building or donation journey!

Harleigh Abel

Snowflake Baby – Founder & Membership Management